good vibes only

our energy kits are expertly crafted to raise your vibration


Meet the hippies

Farrah and Mo are soul sisters bent on world domination. In which world domination means spreading love, healing, and good vibes to every corner of every continent with every breath until our very last. We believe in healing the world by healing ourselves, our sisters, and our brothers here on earth - by coming together for the greater good, and creating a future of love. Our energy kits are just a drop in the bucket, but it only takes a ripple to make a wave.

What's inside

Inside our carefully crafted, energetic kits, you will find various tools tested by our experts to raise your vibration, and protect your energy from outside forces. Specifically, intuitively chosen crystals, professional grade essential oils, expertly crafted teas by our in-house master herbalist, white sage and palo santo smudge sticks, hand-crafted pendulums, and more! Each kit also comes with a collection of digital goodies, and all the information you will need to effectively use your new kit.


our mission

we poured our time, energy, and soul into creating well-balanced kits, sure to raise your vibration & easily accessible to all.